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Poppy Appeal

Rotary and the Poppy Appeal

poppyThe Towcester Branch of the Royal British Legion organises the Poppy Appeal in Towcester, Silverstone and certain other villages in the area.
 There are some “House to House” collectors in the villages but in Towcester it was decided a few years ago that instead we would “saturate” the area with Poppy Trays and Collecting Cans. Over 85 shops, pubs, schools, restaurants, garages and some local firms are each given a Poppy Tray and a Collecting Can and all of these sites are serviced by Towcester Rotarians. That includes making sure that if they need more poppies or wristbands or whatever, it is delivered quickly and efficiently.
The involvement of Towcester Rotary doesn’t stop there because they also stand at one or other of the local supermarkets to sell poppies and other merchandise over three weekends during the period.
When the selling period has finished then they also get involved with counting up the contents of the collecting cans and ensuring that the proceeds are safely delivered to the Bank.
Volunteers from several organisations help during the whole period but the support of the Towcester Rotary Club is crucial to the whole exercise and has helped the Towcester RBL Branch to increase the collected amount year on year.
The help of the Towcester Rotary Club is absolutely invaluable.
David Reed, Poppy Appeal Organiser, Towcester Branch, Royal British Legion