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Rotary Helps the disaster relief in Haiti

HaitiAs we all know the devastating effects of hurricane Matthew have left thousands of poor people in Haiti without any food or shelter. Rotary works constantly with Shelter Box to provide immediate emergency assistance to people affected by natural disasters.

Each Shelter box contains a tent and everything required to support a family of ten including cooking utensils, water storage and purification equipment so the family can eat and drink, solar lights and thermal blankets as well as activity sets for children.

Each Shelter Box costs £590. Your local Rotary Club has just sent some Shelter Boxes to Haiti, and if you would like to help support the relief effort in Haiti – then you can donate towards the cost of a Shelter Box through the Rotary Club of Towcester’s web site:


The Club thanks you in advance for your generosity – 100% of your donations will go to Shelter Box and the Club will let you know how many boxes it was able to fund.

A message from Shelter Box: “Currently, we are in Haiti conducting an ongoing needs assessment across the region and distributing aid, we are also planning to support the thousands of people displaced in Iraq and Syria by providing shelter, and we are returning to Ecuador following the earthquake we responded to back in April of this year.

We will always and are still using your donations however the need is greatest, ensuring we can mobilise and respond instantly whilst giving families aid that is 100% correct and what is needed to begin rebuilding lives.”