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The Rotary Club of Towcester takes Northampton Young Carers to Sywell Aerodrome for the day

On Saturday May 21st the Rotary Club of Towcester was delighted to welcome fifteen of Northampton Young Carers for an action packed day of fun and activities at Sywell Aerodrome.

Unfortunately, the weather was not kind and due to rain, low clouds and turbulence the Young Carers were not able to actually go up in the planes as they would have been quite ill!

So, they spent the day building model planes and then had a competition to see whose plane would fly the farthest!

They spent time with the fire crew, understanding what safety measures are required on a day to day basis at the aerodrome.

They had a visit to the Sywell Museum, seeing lots of memorabilia from the wars as well as a bomber and a fighter plane.

Although they couldn’t actually fly, they were allowed in the cockpit of one of the planes and had a great time learning all about the controls and what the various instruments were for.

There were two flight simulators set up for the Young Carers to play on and there were some spectacular crashes! As well as some great acrobatics!

One of the hangars at Sywell is home to a Tiger Moth Plane, owned by a current BA Pilot and he was delighted to show the Young Carers just how this amazing plane was built using wood and linen.

In between all this activity was a trip to the Pilot’s Mess for lunch and the day ended with the presentation of a Rotary goody bag and a group Happy Birthday sing song for one of the Young Carers.

The Rotary Club of Towcester is delighted with the day and wishes to thank Sywell Aerodrome, YES and the Flying Rotarians for the free use of their facilities knowledge and help and hope that the Young Carers enjoyed their day out and were able to forget their responsibilities for a few hours.

The Rotary Club of Towcester meets weekly at the Saracen’s Head on a Thursday evening. Please feel free to come along and join them and find out about what else they do to support the local community. You can find details on their web site – or email the Club Secretary:


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