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The Rotary Club of Towcester welcomes ProVision Asia

Rtn. Alex Cooke, Dr Chip Kingery, President Rtn. Trevor Brown

Rtn. Alex Cooke, Dr Chip Kingery, President Rtn. Trevor Brown

All members of the Rotary Club of Towcester were delighted to welcome Dr Chip Kingery of ProVisions Asia who is the founder of ProVision Asia in Bangalore. Dr Kingery was travelling from Bangalore back to the USA via the UK and was delighted to visit the Towcester Rotary Club and to personally receive the cheque for the monies raised by Rtn. Alex Cooke following his bike ride across India. Alex met Chip while he was in India and visited the centre in Bangalore where much of the work takes place.

As Dr Kingery said. ”Rotary as an organisation has had a profound effect on the lives of people in India. People such as myself who have been working with disabled and disadvantaged people for many year now, can see that the world-wide Rotary project to eliminate Polio has had a major impact on the kind of disabilities that our organisation has seen, as we now treat very few people with the after effects of Polio as it has practically been eradicated. We are grateful to Rotary in general and especially to Alex for his generosity in taking the time and making the effort to raise funds for us.

OUR MISSION is to inspire hope among people with disabilities by providing an environment which fosters transformation. We encourage the vision of abundant life through practical life-skills training; provision of mobility aids, physiotherapy, job placements, education sponsorships, computer training; counselling and government advocacy.”

You can still support Alex and this charity by donating here