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What does your local Rotary Club do?

joe-homanThe Rotary Club of Towcester is part of the world-wide family of Rotary international – whose objectives are to help those less fortunate and or in need – as well as establishing long term friendships and having some fun along the way!

A lot of the activity of the Rotary Club of Towcester is focussed on the local community, sponsoring various activities with schools as well as helping various charities along the way.

But in addition to this, we do have a section of our club who focus on national and international issues and in the last 12 months, our club has given money (that we have raised through our fundraising events) to:

  • Mary’s Meals – Mary’s Meals provides life-changing meals to some of the world’s poorest children every day they attend school in Africa.
  • The Polio Eradication campaign – Rotary, along with our partners, has reduced polio cases by 99.9 percent worldwide since our first project to vaccinate children in the Philippines in 1979.
  • The Joe Homan Charity – The Charity aims to help disadvantaged children in India and improve their opportunities and lifestyle by encouraging them to obtain education, and vocational training to develop their self-esteem, thus enabling them to break out of the poverty trap.
  • Flood Appeal – during the dreadful floods of Christmas 2015, we sent monies to the local Rotary Clubs in the areas affected so that they could offer practical help where it was needed.
  • LEC – The Life Education Caravan is a mobile classroom that visits local schools, educating children all about their body. We actively part fund all visits.
  • Dyslexia Charity – following a recent talk to our club by a member of the Dyslexia charity – we made a donation to their funds – as this was felt to be a worthy cause by our members.

The Rotary Club of Towcester actively encourages new membership, so if you’d like to find out more, or come along to one of our evening meetings on a Thursday, please get in touch via: – or visit our web site: